Hamilton reply ‘not appropriate’ – Alonso

Fri, 15 June 2007, 02:35

Fernando Alonso reiterated in Indianapolis that he does not feel “totally comfortable” at McLaren.

The Spaniard, who struggled in Montreal a week ago where he lost his championship lead to teammate Lewis Hamilton, admitted recently that the problem is that McLaren is a British team that assigned him a British teammate.

He told Spanish reporters on Thursday: “It is all sorts of things; strategy, testing, the sharing of telemetry.

“They are things that I assumed would be another way but it is not the case. It is a personal thing and nothing else — it starts and ends here.

“The team has its own ideas, its own philosophy to prepare for qualifying and the race. You can either share it or not, and I have my own opinion as well.”

Alonso rejected Hamilton’s comments in Indianapolis that the double world champion has been “surprised” by the performance of the reigning GP2 champion in 2007.

“The only thing that surprises me is what he said (on Thursday).”

Hamilton had suggested that he is the strongest teammate Alonso has ever faced.

“I don’t think his comments were very appropriate. I have had very strong teammates — Trulli in 2004 was one of them, who I was behind in the middle of the championship and then passed at the end.

“And I have won championships in front of Raikkonen and Schumacher — you can see that I am not surprised by much.”

Alonso said one of the first things he did after arriving at the circuit on Thursday was to tell his mechanics and support crew not to believe everything they have read in the press over the past few days.

“They are the best people I have ever worked with, and they are the people with who we are going to win this world championship.

“If I am going to fix anything with anybody it is with the people in the management.”

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