Hamilton saga ‘cannot be undone’ – Hakkinen

Thu, 28 May 2015, 09:35

May 28 (GMM) Mika Hakkinen has tipped Lewis Hamilton to bounce back from the Monaco grand prix.

Regarding the basic strategy error that cost the world champion a sure victory on the fabled streets, Hakkinen said: “It was a mistake that nobody can change now.

“There are now certainly a few meek colleagues who will have to apologise to Lewis for what happened,” added the former McLaren driver and double world champion.

“On the other hand, what is done cannot be undone. It doesn’t help to complain about it — only lessons can be learned,” Hakkinen told his sponsor Hermes in an interview.

The Finn, however, said Hamilton will surely be feeling bad about the episode at the moment.

But: “If there is something positive for Lewis, it is that it is better to happen now than at the last race of the season, where it could cost him the title,” said Hakkinen.

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