Hamilton tackles criticism amid book launch

Mon, 5 November 2007, 08:41

Rookie 2007 runner-up Lewis Hamilton has defended himself from criticism as he prepares on Monday for the release of his autobiography, ‘My Story’.

In September of this year, a Rupert Murdoch-owned publishing house signed a reportedly $2 million deal for the rights to the 22-year-old’s story so far.

Hamilton will help release the book in London on Monday.

The Briton was criticised by his countryman David Coulthard, who waited fourteen seasons to release his own biography this year.

“I told him I was quite surprised Ron Dennis was letting him do it because he never liked drivers doing books when I was there,” 36-year-old Coulthard said earlier in 2007.

“Lewis said: ‘Yeah, but he’s not paying me enough. I’ve got to earn my money somewhere else’,” Coulthard revealed.

He added: “When I started in formula one I was just happy to be racing. Money never came into the equation.”

Celebrity British publicist Max Clifford, meanwhile, commented last week that writing an autobiography “when you’ve been in the public eye for 10 minutes is a bit presumptuous”.

“It’s not an autobiography,” Hamilton reacted, according to The Times newspaper.

“There’s lots of others out and I thought it was good to get my story out. It’s not an autobiography, it’s about my journey to where I am today. It’s been ghost-written,” he added.

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