Hamilton takes victory and Nasr shines

Sun, 15 March 2015, 08:58

With only fifteen cars on start, the Australian GP took a not honorable second position as the shortest F1 grid ever. Problems with Bottas (back pain) and in the cars of Kvyat (gear) and Magnussen (engine) made that happen.

However, was a nice race to watch, with the rookies ones Sainz, Nasr and Verstappen driving like experts.Unfortunately the young Verstappen had to retire with engine problems.
Ferrari proved that it is back to game with the four time world champion Sebastian Vettel conquering third place, behind winner Hamilton and Rosberg. Felipe Massa took fourth, but the real star was the other Felipe and fellow countryman Nasr, who gave to race moments of pure emotions, such as in the race start, finishing in a well deserved fifth place.

To Jenson Button and McLaren, this will be a weekend to be forgot, but it is natural and we´re sure that progress will be made.
Raikkonen, Verstappen, Grosjean and Maldonado did not finish.


1 – Hamilton
2 – Rosberg
3 – Vettel
4 – Massa
5 – Nasr
6 – Ricciardo
7 – Hulkenberg
8 – Ericsson
9 – Sainz
10 – Perez
11 – Button

by Ialdo Belo

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