Hamilton under pressure in 2008 – Ecclestone

Mon, 18 February 2008, 02:08

Bernie Ecclestone has predicted that Lewis Hamilton will find himself under more pressure in 2008, following his stellar rookie season last year.

F1’s chief executive concedes that, after the 23-year-old won four races and the runner-up spot in the 2007 drivers’ championship, the difference for Hamilton this season will be the huge expectations.

“This year he is going to be under pressure and that’s the problem,” Ecclestone, 77, told BBC radio’s Sportweek.

“He was under no pressure at all last year.

“But I think he is up to it. I think he will cope. It won’t faze him. He knows what he can do and what he can’t do,” the Briton added.

Ecclestone is also unconvinced that Hamilton, recently abused by Spanish fans in Barcelona and a central figure of the mainstream media’s reaction, will have been affected by the recent racism controversy.

“I think he is strong enough to know it is all nonsense,” Bernie said.

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