Heidfeld ‘optimistic’ about new BMW contract

Mon, 23 April 2007, 09:58

Nick Heidfeld says he is “optimistic” about securing a renewed stay at the BMW-Sauber team beyond 2007.

The 29-year-old German has been an outstanding performer of the season so far, bringing into focus his expiring contract with the team and rumours of a switch.

But at a sponsor function in Munich late last week, where Heidfeld appeared apparently with a bout of the ‘flu or a cold, he referred to his existing employer whilst telling reporters: “I cannot see many reasons why we would not want to keep working together (in 2008).

“I am optimistic, because (team boss Mario Theissen) also said that there are good reasons for us to go on.”

Unlike in previous years, for example late in 2003 when only an uncompetitive Jordan team could give Heidfeld refuge on the grid, the German sees himself with a strong bargaining position for 2008.

According to the news agency ‘dpa’, he said: “I am doing the same job as I always have done; just the car is different this time.

“But it is always nice, of course, to approach these situations not having to explain why things did not work out.

“I think I am in a good position.”

Dr Mario Theissen, however – apparently unperturbed by the Toyota and Honda gossip – insists that there is “no rush” to pen a new agreement with Heidfeld.

He revealed: “We are speaking, of course, but we won’t be giving any progress reports.

“We will make a decision before the end of the season and then announce that decision in due course.”

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