Heidfeld plays down 2007 victory for BMW

Thu, 27 September 2007, 03:41

Nick Heidfeld on Thursday said he doubts that his BMW-Sauber will be good enough to win one of the last three races of 2007.

The Swiss-based team, almost certainly guaranteed second place in the constructors’ championship, has openly divulged that it is therefore now concentrating exclusively on its 2008 car.

30-year-old Heidfeld told Financial Times Deutschland that it is unrealistic to expect to beat Ferrari and McLaren in Japan, China, or Brazil next month.

He also said BMW’s hopes of becoming a serious title challenger in the future depends not only on building a quick car, but ramping up the ability to keep up with the top teams’ rate of in-season development.

“In the long term we do not want to be equivalent to the others, but better,” he insisted.

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