Heidfeld reveals soggy secret

Mon, 7 May 2007, 04:54

Nick Heidfeld let slip in an interview more than what his fans bargained for — he has urinated at the wheel of his F1 car.

The Q&A feature in the popular German tabloid Bild is a mark of his growing stature in the grand prix paddock.

But when asked if he has ever urinated during a race, BMW-Sauber’s Heidfeld – the normally shy German who turns 30 later this week – was extraordinarily forthright.

“Yes,” he told the newspaper, “it has happened before. “What am I supposed to do, pull into the pits and ask to have a toilet break?”

The comic interviewer then asked Heidfeld if television viewers should pay close attention for a wet patch on his overalls if, as expected, he races to the podium in 2007.

“It tends to evaporate pretty quickly,” Nick smiled.

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