Heidfeld says no plans to retire

Mon, 6 November 2006, 01:30

German formula one driver Nick Heidfeld says he has no plans to follow countryman Michael Schumacher into retirement.

The 29-year-old admitted that with all the hype about seven time world champion Schumacher’s exit after a sixteen-year career, he has found himself thinking about the future.

“But I don’t get very far on that score,” Heidfeld, who drives for BMW-Sauber, told the Emagazine of team sponsor Credit Suisse.

He added: “It’s basically way too soon for me. And I don’t have any plans as yet.”

Hinwil based BMW made steady progress throughout the 2006 season, and ultimately finished the constructors’ championship fifth, ahead of Toyota, Red Bull and Williams.

Heidfeld, whose teammate next year will again be Robert Kubica, said he was feeling ‘really good’ about next year.

“I’m convinced we’ll make further progress in 2007,” he insisted, “but today things are really difficult because there are only big teams, really.

“In 2007 we need to take that a step further, but you shouldn’t expect miracles.”

He admitted he gets on with Polish rookie Kubica better than the departed Jacques Villeneuve, even though Heidfeld insists he did not clash with the 1997 champion.

“To that extent things are more fun now, but that’s not really what counts,” Nick commented. “It’s important for me to have a fast teammate who I can benchmark myself against. Having two quick drivers is a good thing for the team.”


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