Hill slams Silverstone’s new ‘Arena’ layout

Fri, 12 February 2010, 10:01

Feb.12 (GMM) Silverstone’s new ‘Arena’ layout is not exciting enough, according to the president of the circuit-owning British Racing Drivers’ Club.

It was announced on Thursday that the new 760m loop, featuring effectively two new infield straights in the place of the famous ‘Bridge’ corner section, will be used for July’s British grand prix.

But 1996 world champion Hill said the addition, designed for the arrival of the MotoGP race, is a “frustrating compromise” that risks “destroying the essence of what brought fans to formula one in the first place”.

“If you are asking me to say it’s fantastic, I’m afraid I am not going to do that,” he is quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

“I am not satisfied that we will be providing the best facility we could,” the Briton added.

Hill said the Arena layout is a compromise due to the Northamptonshire facility’s financial position.

“It is fast, exciting corners that drivers love. It is what fans love. So, it’s illogical not to concentrate on developing the sporting challenge,” he continued.

“I have the idea of my perfect, fantasy track and that’s not what we are building,” said Hill.

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