Home city to mark M. Schumacher’ last race

Wed, 18 October 2006, 11:19

Michael Schumacher’s home city, Kerpen in central western Germany, is set to mark the seven time world champion’s last of 250 career grands prix.

The city, which has already named a road after the 37-year-old, will officially honour Schumacher as he races in Sao Paulo this Sunday, before the inaugural ‘Michael Schumacher Day’ is staged in November of 2006.

“Michael has represented our city in an outstanding way,” Kerpen mayor Marlies Sieburg is quoted as saying by Sport-Informations-Dienst agency.

“He made us world famous.”

Schumacher, however, is believed to have rejected an offer for a monument to be erected in his honour near his kart track, on the basis that statues should be reserved for dead people.

Instead, Kerpen will throw a huge party on Sunday.


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