Honda F1 completes 2005 testing programme

Sat, 17 December 2005, 01:11

The Honda Racing F1 Team completed its 2005 testing programme at the Circuito de Jerez in Southern Spain on Friday. Jenson Button, Anthony Davidson and Adam Carroll shared the testing responsibilities this week in the team’s two Concept cars with the main focus of testing continuing to be the development of the chassis and engine, alongside aero and tyre evaluations.

The team has now completed over 7000 KMS in the three weeks of winter testing, with almost 6000 KMS of running on the new V8 Honda engine. Reliability has been good throughout the programme and the development of the new engine and hybrid car is encouraging.

Davidson and Carroll began the test on Wednesday in the two Concept cars 078-07 and 078-08 respectively. Both drivers ran through aerodynamic evaluations alongside chassis and engine set-up work. Davidson completed 93 laps and Carroll completed 85 laps in what was his first drive in a V8 engined F1 car.

Thursday began in damp conditions following an early rain shower. It was not quite wet enough to run on intermediate tyres, which, combined with the cold conditions, meant that no real testing was completed until mid-morning. When they were able to go out, Anthony concentrated on a series of tyre and compound evaluations with Carroll working on a chassis set-up programme and a short aero evaluation. Davidson completed an impressive 115 laps with Carroll’s final lap tally being 92 laps.

Button joined the test on Friday taking over from Adam in chassis 078-08. His early runs were spent finding a good balance in the car before he began looking at various chassis set-up options. A couple of minor issues and a gearbox change interrupted his running although Button did complete 86 laps in total. Davidson concentrated on a tyre evaluation on longer runs in the morning session, followed by a chassis set-up programme. He completed a total of 81 laps.

Button remains at Jerez today to complete a Michelin wet tyre programme.

Jenson Button
“We couldn’t complete all the laps we wanted today because we had a few issues which interrupted our programme. We did run through some chassis set-up comparisons which provided useful data but it was just one of those days. Overall the last three weeks of testing have been very positive; it’s certainly the best winter we have had so far. Reliability has been good, as has the testing programme itself, and I am positive we can take this forward into the New Year.”

Anthony Davidson
“It was another good test for the team this week and the car and engine were once again reliable. We completed a series of tyre evaluations alongside further set-up work for the chassis, finding some improvements over the long runs. We also did a lot of laps which is helpful for getting used to the V8 engine. Overall it was a productive test and a very positive way to end the year.”

Adam Carroll
“It was good to be with the team in Jerez this week and I had a very enjoyable two days in the car. We covered most of the planned testing programme and I adapted to the car and the new engine well. The power of the V8 engine is still amazing and it was felt good to drive. We had no problems over the two days so generally all went well and I am pleased to have contributed to the development of the car.”

Mark Ellis, Chief Test Engineer
“We have completed another successful test this week to round off our 2005 test programme. The work with the new V8 engine and tyre developments for 2006 has been extremely encouraging. We have had some small issues today, running components to high mileages, but in general the performance and reliability of the new engine and gearbox packages has been outstanding. We finish off with one final day in the wet tomorrow before a well earned break.”

Shuhei Nakamoto, HRD Engineering Director
“We have had a revised engine package at the test this week which has proved successful. This specification has done the equivalent of two race weekend distances with no issues which is good news.”

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