Honda preparing to reveal new F1 livery

Tue, 13 February 2007, 12:18

Honda will reveal its innovative car livery for the 2007 season later this month, we have learned.

The Japanese squad unveiled the ‘RA107’ contender with an interim black paint-job in late January, and explained that a separate event would be held prior to Melbourne for the showing of the definitive livery.

Honda has raced in essentially white colours since the carmaker took over BAR, in deference to the title sponsor Lucky Strike.

But with the cigarette brand now departed, it is rumoured that Honda could turn green, representing carmaker Honda’s environmental policy.

It is also rumoured that Brackley based Honda might be in talks with London-based oil company BP about a future title sponsorship, which would also explain the green link.

The livery will be unveiled in London on February 26.


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