Honda rule out rescuing Super Aguri

Fri, 18 April 2008, 11:10

Honda on Thursday ruled out rescuing the financially embattled formula one team Super Aguri.

After the expected backing of the Dubai-funded Magma Group fell through, team insiders on Wednesday said hopes would now turn not only to other prospective buyers, but also a bail-out by Bernie Ecclestone or Honda.

Super Aguri was founded ahead of the 2006 season with the assistance of Honda, the Japanese carmaker and formula one competitor that has supplied the team with cars, engines and technical and financial support.

Honda is believed to have scaled back its support in recent months, and Super Aguri is reportedly now just days away from closing its doors.

“We intend to continue the present structure of our support for Super Aguri,” the Honda spokesman told the French news agency AFP.

He also denied reports that said Super Aguri had requested a financial rescue package in light of the failed Magma deal.

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