Honda Season Review

Wed, 2 November 2005, 06:56

BAR/Honda F1 has little to show for the 2005 season outing. What has been called a “disappointing season” by Shuhei Nakamoto, Engineering Director at Honda Racing Development, Nick Fry, CEO putting things in terms of future wins and loses… the emphasis of course on the number of wins in the 2006 season.

After finishing second in the Constructors Cup of 2004, in just one off season BAR/Honda seemed to have taken more of a step back. Let’s look at the potential for a renewed effort from the now Honda F1 team by looking back at the last year of disappointment.

BAR/Honda during the last year only managed to participate in 17 of the 19 scheduled races in 2005. Of which both drivers finishing in the points is one. Jenson Nutton was able to fight through and capture two last step podiums. This could be considered future championship form if it weren’t for the current and past champions that have in the past and will do so in the future live up to the hype. Takuma Sato is a whole nutton story in itself. In fact the best he could muster was an 8th at Hungary. If he wasn’t getting a DQ from the stewards, than he was sure to write a passage in the books with some questionable driving. I must admit that in the last two years I have hoped that Taku would gain some cred in the F1 world, but after this year I leave him to his own devices.

Honda will may in the near future regret signing a proven winner to show up their stock hero. Rubens Barrichello’s regard has been held up next to one of the greatest racers ever, and don’t mistake the fact that there will be some built up angst to be shed in the coming months. Don’t be surprised if Rubens gives Honda what they paid for is what I mean. There are racers that have opportunity and then there are those that make opportunity and Rubens is one of the latter.

With the confirmed announcement that Aguri Suzuki has applied for a team to run next year, this leaves many questions unanswered. Is this the beginning of the battle for the Asian Formula1?(as one of my closest F1 sources would have you think) There are already two other “B” teams in the league and both involve Red Bull. There have been reports of others to follow. McClaren are said to have ties to a “B” team, when the Formula 1 rules allow. When does Toyota get involved with a second team considering Toyota have the most resources of all F1 teams?

Many things go into making a champion and whether or not Honda has what it takes has been proven many times in the past. Right now Honda has the potential, with both teams, to be a close runner up in the coming years.

Chris Martinez

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