Honda to decide F1 future by Abu Dhabi – Marko

Tue, 12 November 2019, 07:35

Nov.12 (GMM) Honda is getting close to making a decision about whether or not to stay in Formula 1.

That is the claim of Dr Helmut Marko, a top official at Red Bull. Both of Red Bull’s teams – Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso – are powered by Honda.

“Honda hasn’t decided yet,” Marko told Germany’s “And an engine is helpful in a Formula 1 car, no question,” he joked.

Actually, no team or manufacturer has officially signed up for 2021, when all-new rules and a new Concorde Agreement will be in force.

But Marko thinks Honda has enough information to now make a decision.

“The rules are on the table so you can now calculate how much cheaper engine development will be. There will be restrictions on dyno time and certain materials,” he said.

“I think the decision should be made for the race in Abu Dhabi,” added Marko.

F1’s 2021 rules also apply to the teams’ finances, including a $175 million budget cap and a fairer distribution of income.

Marko called those measures “positive overall”, but says Red Bull will come out about even.

“What we lose in terms of financial bonuses at Red Bull Racing is approximately – but not entirely – a win for Toro Rosso,” he said.

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