Horner’s accuser lodges Red Bull investigation appeal

Fri, 15 March 2024, 09:00

Mar.15 (GMM) The Christian Horner scandal just keeps racing forwards, with news emerging now that the woman at the centre of the allegations has lodged an appeal.

It’s clear, however, that the saga is not just about allegations of bad behaviour for Red Bull’s 50-year-old team boss, but a wider power struggle for control.

Christijan Albers, a former F1 driver, told De Telegraaf that Horner currently has a “terrifying amount of power” at Red Bull, which has more than riled up the opposing faction including Dr Helmut Marko and even the Verstappens.

And after Horner was cleared in an internal investigation into his behaviour, the next phase of the scandal is now emerging – the suspended woman’s right to appeal Red Bull’s findings.

“For all that she was suspended from the job she loves and from a sport that she is highly regarded in,” a friend of the so-far silent female staffer told the Daily Mail.

“Questions need to be asked of the Red Bull investigation, transparency would bring confidence in what is happening to her,” the newspaper continued to quote the source, claiming that her appeal has now been lodged.

The Daily Mail added: “The woman is appealing Red Bull’s decision and has appointed lawyers to fight her corner but no timeframe has been given as to the process.”

Albers predicts the saga will continue to run and run until Horner is ousted, admitting he thinks the way Horner is standing firm is “downright frightening”.

“The way this has all been brushed off has made the other side particularly angry,” said the former Minardi driver. “I think a lot more is going to come to the surface.”

Albers thinks Red Bull could continue to thrive even with Horner out of the picture.

“Which drivers did he put in the car and which drivers did Dr Marko put in the car?” he said. “With all due respect, all the formulas for success come from Marko.

“When you really look at who has the eye on the talent, there is absolutely no debate about that. That’s just Dr Marko. He always made the right decisions.”

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