How FOTA deal will affect F1’s other teams

Fri, 26 June 2009, 10:00

Jun.26 (GMM) With an uneasy peace now declared between the FIA and the eight FOTA teams, attention is turning to the five formula one outfits that sat on the outside of the dispute

Williams and Force India were expelled from the teams alliance for breaking ranks, while new teams US F1, Manor and Campos also agreed to Max Mosley’s proposed budget cap for 2010

The detail of the alternative cost-cutting arrangements, as well as the manufacturers’ offers of assistance, are unclear, even after the FOTA meeting and subsequent press conference on Thursday at Bologna airport

Williams’ Adam Parr told the Telegraph that he wants a “legally enforceable” contract to enshrine FOTA’s commitments, and even though the issue was well known in Bologna, the British team and Force India were not re-admitted to the alliance

Meanwhile, Brawn CEO Nick Fry indicated that, with the budget cap now scrapped, it is possible “one of” the new teams might not now be on the grid as scheduled in March next year

But the Briton told Reuters that “there is a possibility that others might be invited in”

Manor’s John Booth told Switzerland’s Motorsport Aktuell: “Everything depends on the new Concorde Agreement. At present I know only of verbal statements, but nothing written.”nnHowever, Booth insisted it is “very improbable” the peace accord will scupper Manor’s plans to debut in 2010

Campos and US F1 have previously said their plans do not depend on the budget cap

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