Huge motor homes absent in Barcelona paddock

Thu, 6 May 2010, 10:01

May 6 (GMM) The impressive motor homes of the Red Bull, Mercedes and Force India teams are absent in the paddock of the first European grand prix of 2010.

After the initial run of overseas or ‘flyaway’ races, the Barcelona event is usually the F1 world’s first annual glimpse of the teams’ imposing temporary paddock buildings.

But in 2010, the Circuit de Catalunya event is followed just one week later by the prestigious Monaco grand prix.

Because there is not enough time to dismantle the huge structures and transport them several hundred kilometres across Europe, Red Bull and Mercedes have taken alternate hospitality units to Spain.

Red Bull’s Barcelona solution is to use its test motor home, while Mercedes will be housed this weekend in one of its DTM buildings.

Switzerland’s Blick newspaper reports that Red Bull’s huge Energy Station is already being erected in the Monaco harbour.

McLaren’s ‘Brand Centre’ is however standing in the Barcelona paddock, but Force India’s refurbished three-storey structure will not be seen in Europe until the Turkish grand prix at the end of the month.

“In the meantime we will use a temporary motor home in Spain and Monaco while the new improved motor home is driven direct to Turkey,” said team manager Andy Stevenson.

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