Hulkenberg admits Indycar an option for 2020

Fri, 15 November 2019, 07:35

Nov.15 (GMM) Nico Hulkenberg has confirmed reports that he might switch to Indycar for 2020.

Although it was clear the potential F1 cockpits were filling up fast, the German finally announced in Brazil that he will not be on the 2020 grid.

“Now I can choose from pizza maker, hairdresser, dentist or gynaecologist,” he joked at Interlagos.

Dumped by Renault, Hulkenberg admits it will be “sad” when for the first time in a decade he tunes in to watch the Australian GP next March on TV.

But he says it’s not all bad.

“I’m looking forward to a little more free time and not having to live by this calendar,” said the 32-year-old.

“For one, I want to go to the Australian Open tennis in January, which is not something I have been able to do in the last ten years.”

However, Hulkenberg insists he is not retiring, and will remain match-fit for F1 – even though he rules out sticking around simply to be a reserve driver.

“It’s not my retirement, it’s a no for Formula 1 in 2020,” he said.

“I love this sport and these cars and I will be ready and fit if there is a chance for a comeback.”

He has already rubbished reports that he is moving to DTM, blaming “bored” journalists for those stories.

“I have received some calls from some racing teams, but I have not signed anything and I will not for some time. I want to take the time I need to decide what I want to do,” said Hulkenberg.

But he is not so dismissive of the rumours linking him with Indycar – even though he continues to rule out racing on the high speed American ovals.

“I have always said that I’m not a fan of ovals. I just don’t like them and it doesn’t seem to be for me. So yes, I would restrict myself to road circuits,” he said.

Overall, he says he is not bitter that his F1 career is ending without even a single podium.

“If I look back, it could have gone better here or there. The potential for more was there. But I can live with that,” said Hulkenberg.

“And it’s good that I can live with it, because I can’t change it. I’m fine with me,” said Hulkenberg.

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