Hulkenberg defends Schumacher family’s silence

Wed, 1 March 2023, 07:00

Mar.1 (GMM) Nico Hulkenberg has defended the ongoing decision of Michael Schumacher’s family to keep the details of his health condition secret.

Eddie Jordan, who was the seven time world champion and F1 legend’s first boss in Formula 1, caused a stir this week by suggesting the 54-year-old is severely brain damaged.

“It can’t be easy knowing that your father is not able to be part of the family – he’s there but he’s not there,” Jordan said when asked about Michael’s son Mick.

The Schumacher family, led by Michael’s wife Corinna but also guided publicly by manager Sabine Kehm, has been criticised over the years for remaining totally silent about Michael’s current health condition.

“It’s a lot of time,” Haas driver and fellow German Hulkenberg told RTL. “Obviously it’s ten years when we haven’t actually heard or seen anything from him.

“You know he’s still there, but of course it’s a sad story that the man pursued this profession all his life, actually playing with the risk – with the fire. And more or less everything always went well apart from a few minor scratches.

“That such an accident happened while skiing is just very sad and difficult to understand,” he added.

But Hulkenberg does not join those who are critical of the family’s silence.

“First of all, I’m not in a position to say anything about that at all, first because I simply don’t know but I’m not at all entitled to say or express anything.

“You have to respect it if the family wants it this way, because that’s how they want it.”

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