Hydro power for Spyker Formula One in 2007

Sun, 4 February 2007, 10:01

Oxy Fusion, the producer of innovative oxygenated water, has confirmed today that it will sponsor Spyker Formula One in its debut season in the FIA Formula One World Championship.
A range of the company’s revolutionary products will be launched this year. Oxy Fusion water is an oxygen enriched natural mineral water aimed at promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Water originating from a spring in the Italian Dolomite Mountains is transfused with oxygen ions charged by the patented Oxy System to give a charged burst of energy.
The partnership will allow Oxy Fusion to showcase their products on one of the most widely covered and competitive sporting arenas, Formula 1. “We are an ambitious company like the Spyker team and F1 is the ultimate platform for us to launch our new brand across Europe and the world,” commented Oxy Fusion’s management team. “We are planning a big launch of the Oxy Fusion products this year. The product has been developed by the best people and the design of the bottle was done by famous Dutch designer Jan des Bouvrie. The brand values of Spyker F1 are the same as those of Oxy Fusion and we will use the sponsorship to build brand awareness. Outside this we will work with Christijan Albers in order to tell the audience about the benefits of Oxy Fusion. We are looking forward to a long-term cooperation with this ambitious team.”
Michiel Mol, Director of F1, Spyker Cars NV added, “Oxy Fusion is another high-tech sponsor that joins the team. Water will be the same as oil within 10 years. Functional food is the future and we are proud that this new product has used Spyker F1 to launch worldwide. Our aim is to be one of the most challenging teams and we aim for sponsors to match this profile; telecom, new media, luxury goods, cool consumer brands and entertainment. So far we are well on schedule. Oxy Fusion is another proof that the Spyker F1 proposition is starting to work. Outside this, Oxy Fusion’s unique properties will increase the performance of the team, which is the most important aspect at this stage.’


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