‘I’m no ostrich’ says Albers

Thu, 28 June 2007, 03:55

Struggling Spyker driver Christijan Albers has angrily hit back at criticism that he is too arrogant to own up to his own faults.

The Dutch racer, who entered formula one with Minardi in 2005, has been usually outpaced by his rookie teammate Adrian Sutil this year.

But Albers, 28, denied suggestions in the media that he is unlikely to get the bottom of his problems with the F8-VII single seater if he cannot admit that he is struggling alongside Sutil.

He told the magazine Sportweek that he does not have his head in the sand: “I do not need to be told what situation I am in.

“I am not an ostrich.

“I am not yet perfectly happy with this car — in this car I am weaker than Sutil,” Albers said.

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