International press slams Mercedes ‘absurdity’

Tue, 26 May 2015, 09:35

May 26 (GMM) The international media joined British journalists in condemning Mercedes’ blundering strategy error that cost Lewis Hamilton victory in Monaco.

The reaction of the British media corps was predictable, with the Times summing up the mood by blasting the “supposedly intelligent men” who “abandoned their senses” in calling Hamilton in for a fateful late pitstop.

But international newspapers have been just as scathing.

Spain’s El Pais said Mercedes effectively “sabotaged its big star”, while another Spanish daily ABC said it was an error on a scale “rarely seen” in F1.

The Barcelona morning newspaper La Vanguardia said Hamilton was “robbed” by the “incomprehensible error”, while France’s Le Figaro said Mercedes succeeded only in “driving a wedge” between its star driver and the German giant.

L’Equipe, the famous French sports daily, said: “Such was Hamilton’s domination that no one could take the victory away from him. No one, that is, except his own team.”

Italy’s equally-famous La Gazzetta dello Sport said: “Mamma mia! Mercedes wrapped a nice gift to Ferrari.

“(Sebastian) Vettel reaching second place would have been impossible without this German absurdity.”

Corriere della Sera, meanwhile, hailed Hamilton’s post-race reaction.

“Hamilton remained silent in the admirable name of team spirit,” the Milan daily read.

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