Irate fans prepare to sue Montreal F1 chiefs

Sun, 11 February 2007, 06:53

A group of Canadian formula one fans are pressing ahead with plans to sue organisers of the grand prix in Montreal.

Led by spectator Scott McColl, they are annoyed that their trackside view of the race in 2005 was obstructed, despite paying for tickets to the same grandstand they enjoyed 12 months earlier.

Canada’s The Gazette newspaper said the grandstand had been moved, and spectators’ view of the start-finish line, pits and podium was also blocked by the addition of “podium suites”.

Although no date has been set, a Superior Court judge in Quebec gave the go-ahead to McColl’s request for a class action.

In court documents, McColl says the 2005 seats “provided no views whatsoever”, but the judge vowed to determine whether the grand prix organisers had misled patrons about the nature of their vantage point.

Race organisers could not be reached for comment.


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