Irvine still faces arrest

Mon, 23 January 2006, 02:57

An arrest warrant for ex-Formula One star Eddie Irvine is still outstanding, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The warrant was issued after the Ulsterman failed to appear at a London Magistrates’ Court to face driving charges in 2003 and is still active.

The former Ferrari and Jaguar driver was caught speeding on a motor scooter in Hyde Park. He was also charged with driving it without a licence and insurance.

A magistrate found him guilty in his absence, issued an arrest warrant and ordered his arrest on sight after he failed to appear in court to be sentenced.

Following the issue of the warrant, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said that he was not actively being sought, given that he faced only a minor motoring offence, yet would be arrested if he was spotted in England. He would immediately be released on bail though.

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