Italian actress claims affair with Raikkonen

Thu, 15 November 2007, 09:28

An Italian actress has claimed to recently having an affair with F1’s newly crowned world champion Kimi Raikkonen.

25-year-old Valentina Gioia, who claims to have met the Ferrari-driving Finn in a Milan nightclub a year ago, told the gossip magazine ‘Star+TV’ that she called off the relationship when she discovered that Raikkonen is in fact married.

“Once we were walking near his house in Zurich and Kimi saw a giant photo of his rival Alonso. He climbed the billboard and ripped it down,” Gioia is quoted as saying.

She continued: “When I met him I didn’t even know who he was. He reminded me of a boy-band singer.

“I saw all his trophies in his house and he proudly showed me the steering wheel of his former team, McLaren.

“On another occasion I went with him to a grand prix. I was hidden in the hotel.

“Eventually I discovered that he was married. I was watching a race on TV when they said something about his wife Jenni.

“I called everything off, I threw away his gifts. It is over; I was heartbroken.

“In June I saw him again in Milan in a restaurant. I was with my boyfriend and he with somebody else.”

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