Italy wants two F1 races on calendar through 2030

Fri, 10 November 2023, 08:00

Nov.10 (GMM) Italy’s motor racing chief says the country is on track to keep both of its Formula 1 races on the annual calendar for “another five years”.

Angelo Sticchi Damiani, president of the Italian automobile club Aci, has revealed to La Gazzetta dello Sport that outline agreements for both Monza and Imola are in the works for 2024.

F1 chief executive Stefano Domenicali, however, has warned that fabled Monza in particular – home of the Italian GP – needs to up its game with renovations before the final contract is signed.

“We already have an agreement,” Sticchi Damiani insists, “with only the details missing, to sign a new contract which provides for the confirmation of both grands prix, in Monza and Imola, for another five years.

“Having two races on the calendar until 2030 would be an extraordinary achievement for our country,” he insisted. “We would like to sign a pre-contract by the end of 2024.”

Sticchi Damiani said the situation is “clearer” for Imola, because regional authorities and even a local consortium of companies are “committed” to keeping the circuit up to F1 standards.

As for Monza, the expiring contract in 2025 is now very much looming.

“It is important to bring forward the timing with respect to the 2025 deadline, which will coincide with the election of the FIA president and the drafting of the new Concorde Agreement between the teams and F1,” said Sticchi Damiani.

“At an international level, there is a queue of requests to host a grand prix. Remember, France and Germany don’t have a race at all, so it’s best to secure our races until 2030 as soon as possible,” he added.

However, he warned that a new deal for Monza will be more expensive.

“It is inevitable that there is an increase in costs from 2026, also because Monza currently pays the least of all in Europe,” the Italian said.

“But everyone must do their part. We cannot put too much stress on Aci’s accounts, especially if I am going to sign a single contract of this magnitude.”

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