Juan Pablo cost us the Constructors – Ilien

Thu, 12 January 2006, 02:32

Mario Ilien, founder of well-known engine-house Ilmor which is now wholly-owned by Mercedes, believes that Juan Pablo Montoya ultimately cost McLaren the Constructors World Title. Ilien reckons that Montoya made too many mistakes during the season, costing the team enough points to relegate them to second place.

Says Ilien to Autosprint: “Räikkönen retired three times while leading the race, but it was never down to engine problems. Losing the constructors championship was down to Montoya who in my opinion should have brought home more points in the championship. Montoya made some mistakes which a driver with his experience shouldn’t make.”

Your statement makes sense Mario, but you neglect to mention the number of times The Ice Man lost ten qualifying places due to engine failures and without those McLaren would have had both championships this year. Seriously. Go do the maths.

Edu de Jager

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