Kaltenborn feared jail over van der Garde saga

Mon, 1 June 2015, 10:35

Jun.1 (GMM) Monisha Kaltenborn has admitted she feared starting her 2015 season in jail.

Until now, the Sauber chief has not spoken at length about the ‘Giedo van der Garde saga’ that risked derailing the Swiss team earlier this year.

“There was a real risk,” Kaltenborn admitted, when asked by UOL Esporte if suggestions the Melbourne court drama could have ended with her imprisonment are true.

“Legally, I have my position and we had a decision contrary to that and made a deal, but the story could have been very different,” she said.

Kaltenborn, who is a trained lawyer, added: “It was very stressful for me, but it was clear what I had to protect — my team and my drivers.

“I was placed in a situation that was totally misunderstood by the media,” she said, “but I was not in a position to comment because I had to protect the staff.”

She said Dutchman van der Garde, who pressed his claim hard for the race seat, could never have raced in Melbourne because the FIA was “very clear” about him not having a super licence.

“We were in a very difficult situation because we couldn’t say anything, and yet most people who wrote about it had no idea what was going on but still gave their opinion — and very strong opinions,” said Kaltenborn.

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