Kimi admits chance of Monaco repeat

Thu, 25 May 2006, 01:33

Kimi Raikkonen thinks he has a chance this weekend to repeat his maiden Monaco win of a year ago.

The Finn, who has been recently critical of McLaren’s disappointing season so far, explained that the street circuit can mask a car’s usual weaknesses.

”Our problems will be less here,” said Kimi in Monaco, after posing uncomfortably in a life-size replica of his F1 car made out of ice.

The PR stunt is part of McLaren’s one-off tie-in with Steinmetz, which sees Kimi and Juan Pablo Montoya’s steering wheels encrusted with diamonds for the Monte Carlo race.

Raikkonen added of the unique Monaco challenge: ”So it should help us. Also, Monaco is a special place where you never know what is going to happen.

”Even if you lead the first few laps, you cannot be sure you will win.”

He also joked that Finland’s win at the Eurovision Song Contest, albeit controversial as the band members are dressed as hellish monsters, could be a sign of things to come at Monaco.

Kimi told the Telegraph: ”We (Finns) never win anything.

”I hope in my heart that something similar happens here to me. It will be just as unexpected.”gmmf1

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