Kimi blames FIA for wrong tyres gaffe

Sun, 30 September 2007, 01:31

Kimi Raikkonen on Sunday blamed the FIA for not informing Ferrari of a last minute rule change.

The Maranello based team had to pull into the pits early in the Japanese grand prix after trying to start the race behind the safety car on intermediate tyres.

Third placed Raikkonen, now a distant 17 points behind Lewis Hamilton in the world championship with two races to go, later told reporters at Fuji Speedway that Charlie Whiting and FIA race control failed to tell Ferrari that it had to start on extreme wet tyres.

“They forgot to tell our team,” the Finn claimed. “That forced us to pit behind the safety car.”

Although no other team wrongly started the race on intermediates, Renault’s Pat Symonds confirmed that Whiting only publicised the rule change just over an hour before the race.

“It’s a little bit surprising, I guess,” he told the British broadcaster ITV.

Raikkonen’s teammate Felipe Massa finished sixth at Fuji, meaning that he can no longer become world champion.

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