Kimi hits out at contract rumours

Thu, 9 March 2006, 04:02

McLaren driver Kimi Raikonnen has hit out at speculation that he has already signed for another team for 2007. The past couple of months have seen him linked with a move to Ferrari for next season, which many have stated he has already inked a deal with the team.

The Formula One circus made its way to Bahrain today, gearing up for the first race of the season. Kimi Raikonnen decided to end the speculation himself by stating, “The truth is that I haven’t sign a contract with anyone yet,” Raikonnen said, “There is a bigger chance that I will stay at McLaren than join another Formula 1 team.”

So could this mean that Ron Dennis will have his dream team of an Alonso-Raikonnen partnership for McLaren in 2007? Or could this be a distraction from the Finn for the imminent announcement of a done deal with Ferrari?

Dane Norton

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