Kimi is mister popular?

Sun, 12 November 2006, 12:29

Over the past week we’ve asked our readers to tell us which driver will have their support in the 2007 Formula One season, now that Michael Schumacher has bowed out. As it turns out, it is none other than Schumi’s successor at Ferrari that has garnered the most votes.

The Flying Finn raked in an almost overwhelming 49% of your votes, while reigning world champion Fernando Alonso came in second with 17%. Kimi’s team mate at Ferrari took third with almost 11%, following an impressive and vastly improved perfomance this season. Despite two very difficult and disappointing seasons, Mark Webber still proved a well-supported choice, coming in fourth with 8.5%. Button and Fisi followed with 4.3% and a meagre 2.1% respectively, while more than 8% chose ‘Someone else’.

One question remains: Is the overwhelming support for Kimi himself, or have the Ferrari fans simply elected to support the driver who is most likely to bring success to the scuderia now that Ze Schum is gone?

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