Kimi not fazed by Schu engine failure

Thu, 19 October 2006, 09:53

Kimi Raikkonen says he is unconcerned about retiring Ferrari veteran Michael Schumacher’s championship-denting engine failure at Suzuka a fortnight ago.

The Finn, who turned twenty seven this week, is joining Ferrari in 2007 on a three year contract. The FIA’s confirmation of a four-season engine ‘freeze’ commencing next year, however, means that Raikkonen must use essentially the Suzuka-specification Ferrari engine for his entire tenure.

“I am not worried,” Kimi told La Gazzetta dello Sport on Thursday, “because for a very long time nothing happened like that happened to him. Was it six years?

“I have had many more engine problems (at McLaren-Mercedes) than that!”

The Italian newspaper also revealed that Raikkonen’s first test for Ferrari is likely to occur at Fiorano in early January next year, with a ‘248 F1’ car.


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