Kimi quiet about Ferrari move

Wed, 27 September 2006, 03:53

Kimi Raikkonen made a brief pit stop in Dubai on Tuesday before completing his journey to China.

The McLaren driver demonstrated his formula one single seater on public roads in the port city, according to the English language newspaper Khaleej Times.

Asked about his impending move to Ferrari, the 26-year-old Finn – in Dubai to appear for McLaren airline sponsor Emirates – said: ”One thing at a time. You cannot look too far ahead.

”What happens next year is next season — we will see when it comes.”

Williams’ Mark Webber, meanwhile, was in Hong Kong for a ride in the Royal Bank of Scotland-sponsored yacht ‘Hi Fi’, and the Spyker-MF1 outfit fired up its M16 car in Treviso, an Italian city near Venice.


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