Kimi takes poll

Wed, 15 November 2006, 04:32

In our previous poll at DailyF1News, Kimi Raikkonen ran away with the votes as the driver who will have the most support from our readers next year.

The obvious question this left us with was whether it was Kimi himself that was so popular, or whether it was, in fact, the Ferrari that he was driving next year that was garnering all the support. And so another poll was set up.

A few days of voting proved that it is indeed Kimi himself that is so popular – with 61% of readers stating that they will be supporting the Finn next year because they’ve always been a Kimi fan, not because he’s in a Ferrari. 21% were Ferrari supporters who would now obviously support the man who is perceived to be Ferrari’s quickest driver, while 18% cited both reasons.

Says one of our readers: “He’ll go out and get drunk on Saturday nights and then calmly win race upon race come Sundays. Then, at the end of the season, when he’s asked what it’s like to have won the championship, he’ll say ‘Ya. It vas OK…’ – now that’s my kind of champion.”

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