Klien admits 2010 races ‘positive’ for future

Fri, 12 November 2010, 08:01

Nov.12 (GMM) Christian Klien admits he is hopeful of returning to the F1 grid next year with HRT.

Although the struggling Spanish team’s driver-swapping has been much derided within the paddock this season, Austrian Klien says his appointment is a good sign for the future.

“At the end they’ve relied more on experienced drivers,” the Jaguar and Red Bull veteran said in an interview with APA news agency. “It shows that the team is performance-oriented.

“For me I think it’s a positive sign that for next year things will go in the right direction,” said Klien.

He said he is confident he will be back at the wheel next March.

“These two races at the end of the season are definitely a positive signal. After this race we will have some further discussions,” explained Klien.

Asked if he will be disappointed if he is not selected by HRT to race in 2011, he admitted: “Yes, you could say that.

“At Virgin there is a place available there and possibly two seats at HRT.”

Klien admitted his chances will be boosted significantly if he can find some significant sponsorship.

“Today in the private teams, it is almost a must to bring money.”

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