Kubica ‘clearly slower’ than Russell – Villeneuve

Tue, 11 June 2019, 09:35

Jun.11 (GMM) Jacques Villeneuve has not changed his controversial view about Robert Kubica’s return to Formula 1.

Just after the Pole’s return race in Melbourne, 1997 world champion Villeneuve called it “terrible” for the sport.

“Formula 1 should be the pinnacle of racing, so it’s not good for the sport if someone with a disability can participate,” he said.

Now, in his native Canada for last weekend’s Montreal race, Villeneuve said he has not changed his opinion.

“I was not a fan of Robert’s return,” he told TVP Sport.

“For me, Formula 1 is the elite. It is for the absolute best.

“The only thing that counts is that Robert is clearly slower than his teammate (George Russell), who is after all a rookie. Only the results matter,” Villeneuve added.

However, he acknowledged that it is possible rumours that Russell has better material at his disposal this year could be true.

“I don’t know. I’m not on the team,” said Villeneuve.

“But I would say in Formula 1 that’s not likely. These cars are very similar to each other. Yes it could be that, but perhaps the settings don’t match Robert’s style and they match Russell’s.

“You can’t see everything from the outside.”

Villeneuve also holds firm on his view about Williams, having earlier described the team he won his title and all of his 11 wins with as “dead”.

“The team is finished,” he still says now.

“They are doing nothing to improve the situation. The only thing that interests them is to show a good financial result at the end of the year.

“Last year they had a profit of $16 million. The investors are happy and that is enough for them,” he added.

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