Kubica hits back at 2019 Williams seat media report

Sun, 11 November 2018, 05:35

Nov.11 (GMM) Robert Kubica has hit back at a British media report that claimed he will definitely race for Williams in 2019.

The publication has since wound back its claim, but the British team and the Polish driver have admitted they were angry about the reporting.

“It is not the number of articles that shows whether the chances are bigger or smaller,” Kubica told Eleven Sports.

Kubica, the 2018 Williams reserve, has reportedly been tossing up between the Williams race seat or a longer term offer to be a Ferrari test driver from 2019.

“The title of the (British) article has been changed, so it is not true that I have an offer to be a Williams race driver,” he explained.

“It’s not up to me to judge if I am at the top of the list. For me, the situation is quite comfortable. I respect my timing and we’ll see if there is a chance,” Kubica added.

He said he is expecting to make his final decision “in early November”.

“We focus on two options, but it’s not that simple. You can say something in the paddock, but it’s also true that F1 is also beyond the paddock,” Kubica insisted.

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