Kubica – I don’t like the spotlight

Fri, 29 August 2008, 09:32

Robert Kubica has ruled out returning to live permanently in his native Poland.

The highly rated BMW-Sauber driver’s burgeoning success in formula one has utterly transformed the popularity of the sport in the central European country — and made Kubica, 23, arguably the biggest Polish celebrity.

The straightforward and pokerfaced driver, however, is most certainly not a fan of the attention.

“I am proud of what I have achieved as a driver,” he told the Swiss newspaper Blick. “But I certainly do not drive in formula one in order to be popular.”

Similar to his friend Fernando Alonso’s impact in Spain, Kubica said he is happy that his success has opened the eyes of Poland to the possibilities of motor racing’s highest echelon.

“The people see me as an example, that ‘Yes, it is possible to make it somewhere like formula one’, even in a country without a motor sports tradition.

“We had a few rallies, but that’s it. I think I have opened a few doors,” Kubica said.

With his family still in Krakow, he said he would like to return home more often than he now does.

“But really it has become impossible to come back in order to relax. If I want to go for a jog, there is always someone right there to follow me.

“To relax properly is important to give you enough energy. I like playing cards, bowling — don’t laugh, (bowling) is not an easy sport!

“I have enough adventures on the track, so I need less exciting things for my hobbies.”

Let alone at home, Kubica said he does not even enjoy the spotlight of the actual grand prix paddock.

“With the exception of what happens on track, I do not like the status of F1. I do not need the spotlight,” he said.

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