Kubica visits Renault F1 Team in Enstone

Mon, 7 November 2005, 12:25

World Series by Renault reigning champion Robert Kubica visited Renault F1 Team headquarters in Enstone (UK) this weekend, in order to go through final preparations for his forthcoming test with the R25, on December 1st in Barcelona.

Robert Kubica, the 2005 World Series by Renault title winner, has been awarded a Formula One test. And so has the young Italian Giorgio Mondini, winner of the last edition of the Eurocup Formula Renault V6 in 2004. The test will take place in Barcelona, on December 1st. Kubica landed at London Heathrow International Airport on Wednesday and then made his way to Enstone, the heart of motor racing and the “Mecca” of Formula 1. Mondini visited the factory yesterday.

Early yesterday morning, the World Series by Renault driver came through the doors of the home of the 2005 Formula One World Championship-winning team. The main task of the day was to introduce Robert Kubica to his job as test driver for a day and to prepare his seat-fitting. He is used to competing in a top quality single-seater championship but nothing can compare with the facilities at Enstone and what he is set to discover in the garage on December 1st: the R25. The car was Renault’s most effective weapon in its campaign to win the long-awaited Formula One title.

Robert Kubica was highly impressed by his visit and had time to say a few words before catching a plane for Poland…

What was your favourite moment of the day?
Robert Kubica: “It was really impressive to see so many people around the car when I was sitting behind the wheel. I’m not used to having more than five people around my World Series Car. You get an overall understanding as to why Renault F1 has succeeded: because they are mega organized. You see how they check and care about every single detail.”

Which part of the factory did you like the most?
Robert Kubica: “From a technical point of view, the Wind Tunnel and all the aerodynamic areas are a sight to remember. But my favourite part was the workshop where you can see all the racing cars. They have a reference for every single part of the car and a very professional group of technicians working on the cars.”

Did you have the opportunity to discuss your test day in Barcelona with the test team?
Robert Kubica: ”Yes, of course. I was introduced to my engineer and he followed me around throughout my visit. We talked about the test in Barcelona and he gave me some homework to do on how to work the steering wheel! I feel very honoured that Renault Sport has given me the opportunity to test the R25 car!”

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