Latest 2021 rules debate ‘normal’ – Steiner

Fri, 27 September 2019, 07:35

Sep.27 (GMM) The latest squabble about the controversial 2021 rules is just a “normal exchange of views”, according to Haas boss Gunther Steiner.

It is rumoured that only half of the F1 teams are currently willing to sign up to Liberty Media’s proposed technical rules for 2021.

“The latest visualisation of the new rules looks better than before,” Steiner said at Sochi.

“The car no longer resembles a Formula 4 at the front.”

But on other matters, particularly the standardisation of parts and overly prescriptive regulations, there is clear disagreement among the teams.

Steiner agrees with the dissenters who argue that Formula 1 cannot become “GP1” – a reference to the former GP2 series – by making all the cars too similar.

“Formula 1 is about technology,” he said. “At some point it gets out of control but the budget constraints should help with that.

“There is still 30 days,” Steiner said, referring to the already-delayed late October deadline.

“We will still have one meeting after Suzuka, and then everything should be ready.”

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