Lauda Jr says F1 not priority

Mon, 13 November 2006, 11:52

Niki Lauda’s son has played down the prospect of ever following his triple world championship-winning father into formula one.

25-year-old Mathias Lauda, who moved from the GP2 category to race an older Mercedes-Benz in the DTM category for the 2006 season, says he is not even on the radar of the domestic Austrian press.

“I do wonder about that,” Lauda, who lives in Spain, told

“I think they are more interested in formula one — in Christian Klien and the (Austrian based) Red Bull team,” Lauda said.

Lauda insists that the pinnacle of motor sport is not his priority.

Mathias Lauda said: “I never said I did not want to get into formula one, but I never said I wanted to do it at all costs either.

“I have now been racing for four years, and I want to have success in DTM,” he added.


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