Lawyers tell McLaren to keep quiet

Fri, 7 September 2007, 06:50

Lawyers have advised McLaren not to react after the so-called espionage saga reached new heights of intrigue on the scene of the Italian grand prix.

As Fernando Alonso set a blistering pace to head a silver one-two on Friday afternoon at the high speed circuit, the Mercedes powered team’s PR department was busily drafting a press statement explaining that no further comment would be offered at Monza.

The statement follows a sequence of developments in the spy affair here, including the calling of a new meeting of the World Motor Sport Council next week, and the FIA’s confirmation that “one or more” McLaren drivers are at the centre of new evidence relating to the case against the British team.

McLaren on Friday did divulge that it intends to make “a strong set of submissions” in Paris next Thursday, adding that “there is a desire for us to address the issues” that have cropped up in the media at Monza.

“However our lawyers have advised us that as the case will be heard by the World Motor Sport Council on Thursday of next week that this is the appropriate forum for the matter to be discussed, and that the team and our drivers should make no further comment,” the statement added.

“We kindly ask the media to understand this position.”

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