Lay off Schu, manager tells press

Sun, 14 May 2006, 09:24

Michael Schumacher’s manager has asked the world’s press to lay off the German while he makes a decision about the future.

Willi Weber acknowledged that the Barcelona bombshell of Ferrari driver Schumacher’s delayed call about 2007 might – in terms of the media’s reaction – have backfired.

”I hope the press will leave him in peace,” Schumacher’s manager now tells Premiere, ”and not every day bombard us with questions about his decision.”

Weber indicated that his charge’s delayed decision probably relates to Michael wanting a ‘clear head’ with which to tackle the 2006 title challenge.

He said: ”For me, that is the most important thing. Give him time to concentrate on what he needs to be doing — winning races, beating Alonso, winning back the title.”

Schumacher’s track rival, meanwhile – veteran of 200 grands prix David Coulthard – told the ‘Salzburger Nachrichten’ newspaper that he thought the German will carry on in 2007.

”There are very few things more exciting than racing a formula one car,” said the Scot.

”So as long as he is having fun, he should go on.”

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