Lewis will conquer!

Sun, 3 December 2006, 02:03

According to the readers of DailyF1News.com, Lewis Hamilton is very much up to the task of driving next to a double world champion next season. In our poll ending today, asking the question of whether Hamilton’s debut next to Alonso will make him or break him, 62% voted “make him”. It seems our readers have much faith in the young star.

We’re sure his debut will be exciting, if nothing else!

Moving on to the subject of tyres, many believe that Ferrari, not to mention Toyota, are at an advantage next year because they’ll be used to Bridgestone rubber. One only has to look at seemingly how long it took for Toyota to adapt to the Bridgestones for the ’06 season to see why.

Bridgesone, however, have denied that this will be the case. What do you think? Cast your vote on hour home page.


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