Lola did not join N.Technology/FIA action

Thu, 19 November 2009, 10:01

Nov.19 (GMM) Fellow rejected 2010 F1 team entrant Lola has revealed it did not support N.Technology’s legal action against the governing FIA.

Italian entrant N.Technology recently lost its court action against the FIA’s selection processes, amid wider suggestions the FIA improperly pressured hopeful teams to sign engine supply contracts with Cosworth.

“Well, Lola had an invitation to join this action but refused,” Lola’s executive chairman Martin Birrane said.

Birrane said Lola signed with Cosworth for 2010 and paid a deposit, but played down the suggestions about the FIA exerting inappropriate pressure.

“Like all the other serious teams, Lola investigated a supply from the FOTA engine manufacturers,” he said. “The fact was that there were none available.

“Cosworth engines were available and we were pleased to commit to a contract and pay a deposit. I would say that we also had some external encouragement to do this but there was no real pressure exerted on us,” Birrane added.

He did however reveal that he felt Lola was used “as pawns” during the FIA/FOTA breakaway war, but does not rule out making another bid to enter formula one for 2011.

Birrane denied that Lola is looking to sell its 2010 car.

“At present we are not looking at this option because we believe that another opportunity will arise for Lola F1,” he stated.

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