London Olympic stadium F1 race news ‘strange’ – source

Fri, 22 June 2012, 12:35

Jun.22 (GMM) Britain could be set to secure a second grand prix, after the Daily Telegraph reported on Friday that plans are afoot to host a race in and around London’s Olympic stadium.

The report said the plan is among three other bids that have been accepted by the London Legacy Development Corporation.

But the plan was met with immediate scepticism, one authoritative source confirming that records show the company responsible for the bid was actually disolved as long ago as 2010.

The source described Friday’s news as “very strange”.

Bernie Ecclestone, however, confirmed he has been approached.

“They came up with a scheme whereby formula one would race around the stadium, inside it, outside it. They wanted to make sure I would be interested,” said the F1 chief executive.

Asked if he is interested, Ecclestone answered: “Yeah.”

It appears the plans are not linked with an event being held next week in London by McLaren sponsor Santander, in which the team’s F1 drivers will imagine a ‘virtual’ race on the capital’s streets.

Ecclestone confirmed the Olympic stadium idea has “nothing to do” with the McLaren event.

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