Long Ferrari to blame for Monaco struggle?

Mon, 28 May 2007, 02:23

After finishing a minute behind the McLarens, two time 2007 race winner Felipe Massa on Sunday would not speculate as to why his Ferrari might be simply unsuited to circuits like the narrow Monaco streets.

It was suggested earlier this weekend that the F2007’s notably longer wheelbase than its rivals – which proved to have suited the new single-tyre formula on faster tracks – could make the red car not nimble enough to cope with the twists and turns of Monte Carlo.

“I would be amazed if it proves detrimental,” the team’s former technical director Ross Brawn said last week.

Massa, however, was oddly off the pace here, sparking suggestions that Brawn had been wrong about the Ferrari’s misgivings at slow speeds.

“I don’t know. I think it is difficult to say exactly what the difference was,” the Brazilian said. “I hope it is something related just to this track.

“The only thing you need to say is that they were much better today and our car was slow.”

Tellingly, Massa said he expects Ferrari to be back on the pace on the long straights in Montreal and Indianapolis for F1’s upcoming trek to North America.

He said: “We are confident in our package for (there) so hopefully we can have a great car and try to be in the front again.”

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